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Client Response about Our Hospital

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Read what our clients have to say about The Family Pet Clinic! If you would like to add a testimonial to this page, please call us at (216) 662-1770.

"Dr Thompson has been my cat's vet for 10 of her 18 years. I have trusted his recommendations because they made sense that a non-vet could understand. He would explain why a treatment was needed so I could justify the risks to my cat and the cost and he would let me make the decision to proceed. Some vets have TOLD me what to do, which was always expensive, leaving me worried if it was the right thing to do for my cat. Dr Thompson has always shown my cat compassion in a genuine way. During her last month, Dr. Thompson had been frank and honest, kind and caring. He and Dr Keigley showed true concern in the end. Yes, his clinic is very busy, but I think that means they are very good, which I can attest, and they always did try to accommodate me when there was need. I will adopt again because I want to and because I know my new pets will be in good hands." —Jeff Stevens

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