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COVID-19 Update


We greatly appreciate everyone's understanding with the adjustments in our service protocols and the changes we’ve made to keep our team AND you safe. We are excited to announce that our lobby will be reopening on June 15th, 2020!! Currently, we can only allow 4 non-team members in our building at one time. We will keep everyone up to date as more changes begin to take place. Our goal will continue to be to limit as much interaction with non-team members that we can in order for our team to remain healthy and able to continue to provide services.

Below are the protocols we have in place for medication/food pick-ups and the steps we are taking as we move forward with the reopening of our lobby.⬇️⬇️⬇️

🚗 💊 When you arrive to pick up medications or food, please call 216-662-1770 to check-in and let us know what parking spot number you are located in. A team member will deliver your medication/food to your vehicle via your passenger side window. We ask that you allow us at least 6 feet of distance when we greet you at your vehicle. We also ask that you prepay for these items over the phone, if possible, to help us remain efficient and in as minimal contact with each other as possible.

🐾 👨⚕️👩⚕️When you arrive for your pet’s appointment, please remain in your vehicle and call us at 216-662-1770 to let us know that you are here. One of our team members will call you when our Doctor is ready to see your pet and let you know to enter our building for your appointment. We ask that only 1 person accompanies your pet during this time. We are requiring that all clients wear masks through the entirety of your time inside of our hospital. We have squares placed on our lobby floor marking where to sit and stand to allow us to continue with a 6-foot separation between team members and clients. During your pet’s appointment we will have you view and interact with our team from the bench directly across from the exam room your pet is in. This will allow you to be able to fully communicate with our entire team throughout your pet’s appointment while keeping all of us at a safe distance as well. When you are ready to check out for your appointment you will see squares placed on the floor by our receptionist desk to mark where to safely stand to do so.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through these new procedures!

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