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Staff of The Family Pet Clinic

Jamie Smith, Practice Manager

Veterinary technician Jamie Smith first came to The Family Pet Clinic as a client and later joined us as a full time employee in September 2011. Prior to obtaining her associate's degree in veterinary technology and her license as a registered veterinary technician, Jamie worked as a veterinary assistant at an emergency clinic in 2003. At The Family Pet Clinic, Jamie specializes in nursing care of very young kittens and adds that "twelve years of working with the public helps when it comes to working with the other end of the leash, the client!"

Jamie has two dogs, Timmy and Corona, and three cats, Kobe, Izzy, and Callie. She also provides a foster home for kittens and cats. When she's not at work, Jamie spends her time walking and hiking with her dogs, shopping, scrap booking, and spending time with family and friends.

Carrie Vekas, Practice Manager

As The Family Pet Clinic's practice manager, Carrie Vekas is responsible for managing the front desk staff, billing, and other various client services. She joined the clinic team in 2001.

"I love our clinic!" she says. "We're truly like family here. Each person has such passion for his or her job and a deep love for animals, and our doctors have an amazing bedside manner with both patients and their families."

Carrie has three dogs, two chinchillas, and two cats. In her spare time, Carrie enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities. "I'm very involved in fitness," she says. "I help others pursue a healthier lifestyle, and I'm an avid reader."

Ashley Silla, Registered Veterinary Technician

In addition to veterinary technician Ashley Silla's punctuality and reliability, she has a winning smile, which plays an important part in making The Family Pet Clinic's clients and their pets feel comfortable and welcome. Ashley's responsibilities include assisting the doctors during surgery and examinations, processing laboratory samples, interacting with clients, and playing with the animals. She has an associate's degree from Columbus State Community College and earned her bachelor's degree in animal science from The Ohio State University. Ashley joined our staff in June 2011.

"Everyone at The Family Pet Clinic is like a family," Ashley says. "We not only care about our patients and clients but we care about each other, too. I like the variety of pets that we see and I am proud of how well we work together as a team."

At home, Ashley cares for her two chinchillas, Chubbs and Nugget, and her three dogs, Lambo, Ferra, and Kiwi. She and Kiwi are involved in Therapy Dog International. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys cooking, shopping, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets.

Lisa Gaynor, Registered Veterinary Technician

Lisa Gaynor joined The Family Pet Clinic in 2006 as a registered veterinary technician. A graduate of Stautzenberger College, Lisa spends her time at the clinic as a surgery technician and treatment technician. Lisa's favorite part of her job is working with the local rescues, which gives her the chance to "see a lot of unusual cases and emergencies."

Lisa has four pets: an English bulldog named Kreacher; three cats named Stumpy, Jonesy, and Rocky; and a gecko named Imogen. She spends her free time horseback riding, hiking, and fishing.

Amy Allen, Veterinary Technician

Since 1999, veterinary technician Amy Allen has been helping care for pets at The Family Pet Clinic. She is self-taught in the art of cat grooming and has logged in many hours of loyal work at our clinic. Her tasks include inventory management, client education, performing and processing laboratory tests, and administering various treatments to pets.

When asked why she loves working at The Family Pet Clinic, Amy responds, "We treat our clients with understanding and respect. We provide personalized care that goes above and beyond what most clinics will do for animals — and for clients."

At home, Amy cares for her two Boston terriers, Ringo and Otis, as well as her four cats, Ace, Rebel, Johnny Thunders, and Isis. She also makes time to play with her rabbit, Pongo, and her pet turtle. Amy's free time is spent playing with her young daughter, Charlotte. Together, they love visiting the zoo and the aquarium. Amy also enjoys spending time with her family and ... cleaning!

Maureen Riley, Veterinary Technician

With her years of experience and her ability to successfully multi-task, veterinary technician Maureen Riley has been a long-time asset to the The Family Pet Clinic staff. Her responsibilities include assisting the veterinarians during examinations and surgery, processing laboratory samples, and managing the hospital's daily schedule. Maureen has been a Family Pet Clinic employee for 29 years and enjoys "the fast pace, my co-workers, and the diversity among pet owners and their pets."

When not at the clinic, Maureen enjoys reading and motorcycle riding.

Dee Dabila, Receptionist

Dee Dabila is The Family Pet Clinic's receptionist and is responsible for most of the administrative duties of the practice. When asked about her favorite part of the job, Dee says it's the people.

"It's a great place to work," she says. "The staff is vested in their jobs. We have a great team here."

Dee joined The Family Pet Clinic 22 years ago under its previous owner, and has worked with the current owner, Dr. Richard Thompson, since the year 2000. When not at work, Dee enjoys the "simple pleasures in life," such as spending time with her family and her two dogs and two cats.

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